Janet Bruesselbach ~ Statement

Janet States

         I am the daughter of two laser physicists who grew up within a culture of nerds.  I have been painting since puberty, always bringing my interests in the history and theory of science and technology into the archaic oil painting medium.

         This figurative oil painting celebrates a female multiplicity by arbitrarily ordering disparate and similar images. Sensory overload and interplay between consistent and multiple space display decadence within a sustainable virtuality. Imagery intuitively derived from science fiction and comic art maintains an amused contrarianism to categorization. Eclecticism induces a decentralized, eccentric perspective out of a mainstream and traditional medium. In search of levity, here is no automatic orientation; everything is both figure and background.  The humanoid body, its agency compromised through merging with others, is nevertheless skillfully embraced through a fluid observational style, combining invention and self-representation through a democratic objectivity. Bodies shift colors, reflect and are reflected, both fully permeable and closed. Extremities and contradictions are sought through a hybrid middle ground.  The paintings are vehicles for elaborate, authoritative, and self-mocking titles inspired by propaganda.