After having planned the action solely in my head, using a shape only previously doodled in a notebook six months previous, I brought black tempera, a four inch house painting brush, and a mixing pan into Lee Dejasu's 2-D design class on 5/16/03 and painted this human-scale letter on the wall.
Legally, this is considered vandalism, so I was obliged, previous to detection by those outside the class, to scrub all the paint off the wall, with some volunteer help in the first stage from Su (2).
Shown here are photographs of various stages of removal. Documentation of the first stage of an arbitrary five, creation, is lost to the ages.

I believe the simpler a symbol, the more reference and meaning it has. This letter has exactly the amount of reference I desire, which is quite wide, and includes the illicit manner of its presentation. The interpretations are up to you, but suggestions include: the reverse of a question (the source of the idea from Platonic dialogues), a binary, a tilted logic circuit, an egg and sperm, and an apple, all of which contribute toward my end.

There are two forces in the universe: love and strife are gravity and levity.

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