Deterration: Crazy-talking Master's diploma thesis about color, science, and the study of the study thereof.

Progressive Kitsch: Science Fiction art as the Return of the Modernist Repressed.

Exclusive Sociality: Art's Post-Utopian Reduction to the Social Network

Blame: paper on the interaction of biography and history in the cases of Queen Victoria and Hitler.

Representing the Empire: essay about popular comparisons, in some of the better Toga Epics, between Rome and the U.S.

The Devouring and the Prolific: Confusion and Dynamics of Poetic Production surrounding Blake. Caution: obscure.

Mixed Metaphor/Dark Epoch: Essay on Derek Walcott's postcolonial epic Omeros. Also, epic poetry in general. And cosmology.

Canto III: Dante-based verse about the circle outside hell, involving pessimistic physics metaphors

Simulation of Intelligence: A comparison between Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.

Anthropic Alienation: essay on Italo Calvino, Stanislaw Lem, and self-conscious language.

"A Game of Pax": a poem which started as a parody of T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" and continued to evolve as an ironic chick music composite.
Experiment: another poem, similar theme.

Joycphun: creatively written term paper on puns in Ulysses.

Radical Relativity: term paper on Dostoevsky gone horribly awry

Eris: obscurity-laden biography of a nice fnord young personification

Terracentrism : "Facts, Evidence, Analysis" paper I barely remember writing, but there must be something in there of value.

Skin of a Painting: Baroque art history essay observing late Rembrandt painting.