Self Portraits

I paint a self portrait in oils every year, sometimes more when using myself as model and in other media.

These are presented in reverse chronological order.

Self-Portrait with Negative Feedback, 2011, oils on canvas, 28x36 in. Made in a mirror on which I requested visitors write criticism, during "I Hate Art" at Tribes

Self Portrait through video chat (25), 2010, oils on canvas, 24x18 in

Self-Portrait in Recession (24), 2009, oils on canvas, 23 x 42 in

Portrait of the Artist as Grad Student, 2008, oils on canvas, 23 in x 60 in

self-portrait at 22

Self-Portrait as Painting. Taking the traditional allegorical role in reference to Artemisia Gentilesci but with many self-insulting features. The inscription above the head reads "No day without a line" (these days, a fine art lifestyle to which I perversely or lazily don't adhere) and below, reflected, "Imitation", my primary and perhaps only artistic skill. Oils on linen, 32"x42"

Daisy X. Mackinac. My self-portrait entry in my series of role-playing portraits. Oils on canvas, 2'x4'.

Self-portrait at 19. Oil on elliptical canvas, 16"x20".

The Self Portrait, 18 years old, details and progress shots of which you can see here

Self-Portrait at Seventeen

selfportrait at sixteen